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Console Units

MCP “Console” units usually consist of the Electropolishing Tank, Drag-out Tank, and Rinse Tank only. Console systems are the smallest, least expensive systems available, and are intended for small-scale production, process development, and laboratory applications. The unit is usually enclosed in a cabinet with sliding access panels and recessed tanks. Precleaning and Post Treatment operations are normally accomplished in other equipment.

Console units are available in sizes ranging from 5-gallons to 45-gallons tank capacity. The DC power supply is sized for the tank volume, and includes voltmeter , ammeter , ampere-time control , alarm, and automatic power shut-off. The electropolishing tank is complete with anode and cathode bars, cathode plates, and electric immersion heater with thermostat and liquid level control. Installation normally requires only one electrical connection, drain connection, and one inlet water connection. DC outputs are available from 50 amps to 500 amps. Input power can be 110 volt or 220 volt, single phase. For current pricing, use the form entitled “Quotation Request” on this web site to outline your application.

Console electropolishing units may be designed to use any of the common electropolishing solutions.

Console systems are modular, and can be expanded to add metal preparation and post-treatment stations if desired. The photographs on this page illustrate two examples of console systems expanded to include pretreatment and post-treatment processes.

Special console units have been designed for production of small parts of intricate shape and exacting finish requirements. For such applications, the concept of the console system is expanded to include capability for precleaning, descaling, and post-treatment to produce the highest quality surface free of pits, burrs, and other microscopic imperfections. The process chemistry can be tailored to each individual application to produce the best results.

Console systems are equipped with a special interface to permit easy installation and connection to remote control panels. A start-up supply of chemicals and a comprehensive instruction manual are included with each complete process unit. On-site technical service for installation and start-up are available if required.