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Course Outline

General Information
Metal Coating Process Corporation offers periodic seminars entitled, “Principles of Electropolishing” as a service to its current and developing industrial customers. These educational sessions are held periodically at our offices in the Charlotte, North Carolina area and admission is by invitation only.

Overview of Seminar
Electropolishing has become one of the premier methods of finishing stainless steel for all medical, dental, pharmaceutical, semiconductor and related applications requiring a clean, sanitary surface. The process is capable of producing a technically superior surface, essentially featureless, with enhanced corrosion resistance.

The finish produced is unlike that obtained by mechanical finishing methods. Iron and nickel are preferentially removed, leaving a surface film consisting essentially of chromium oxide.

The electropolishing process has been available for more than fifty years, but emerging applications require constant improvements in the product, in the processing methods for maximizing product performance, and in quality control systems designed to meet the most demanding international standards.

The MCP seminar addresses these important concepts, providing a compact forum for presentation and discussion of electropolishing methods. Emphasis is placed on a basic understanding of the nature of the process, the properties of the product, and the manufacturing and quality methods required to maximize the benefits of the process.

What is Electropolishing?
Electropolishing is an electrochemical method of smoothing and brightening a metal surface. The part to be polished is connected to the positive terminal of a DC electrical system and is submerged in an electrolytic bath. The flow of current causes burrs and other surface imperfections to dissolve in the bath, producing simultaneous removal of the work-hardened surface and regeneration of an impervious oxide layer.

Course Objectives

  • To recognize and to fully understand the advantages and disadvantages of electropolishing as a surface finishing method for stainless steel.
  • To grasp the theory of the process and to study its application to industrial problems.
  • To understand the mechanism by which the phenomenon proceeds.
  • Develop knowledge of the equipment needed for top quality electropolished finishes and for peripheral operations such as waste water treatment and ventilation.
  • To understand the preparatory methods for production of top quality electropolished surfaces.
  • To develop a basic understanding of the racking principles for electropolishing parts.
  • To learn the interaction of the basic control parameters governing the performance of the bath and the quality of the product.
  • To review new methods of determining product quality.
  • To understand the principles of ISO 9000 standards and their application to an electropolishing process.
  • To learn the use of troubleshooting techniques in the operation of an electropolishing system.
  • To understand the types of electrolyte for polishing stainless steel, and to learn optimum control methods for each type of bath.
  • To review a variety of industrial applications and to develop a broad understanding of the benefits of electropolishing.

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