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Live Seminars

On-Site: The MCP Seminar service is designed to provide information for customers considering installation of a new electropolishing process or expansion of an existing electropolishing process. A two-day visit is usually suggested, with the first afternoon devoted to study of the existing process or product to develop an understanding of the equipment, the product requirements, and the process now in use. The following morning, the seminar is presented for your operators, supervisors, engineering/technical staff, and any other interested parties. The content of the seminar varies with the client’s objectives, but usually covers such topics as the following:

• Fundamental physics & chemistry of electropolishing
• Racking & fixture design & construction
• Process parameters & controls
• Electropolishing plant design
• Chemical process steps
• Troubleshooting
• Operation & maintenance
• New process development
• Statistical process control
• Specifications for electropolishing
• Other selected topics of interest to the client

Course Outline

• What is electropolishing?
• How is electropolishing done?
• What equipment is needed?
• Micropolishing & macropolishing
• Basic chemistry & electropolishing

Practical Applications
• Decorative
• Functional
• High Technology

• History of electropolishing
• The Bielby Layer
• Metal matrix reactions
• The anodic film (the gold layer)
• The characterization curve
• The operating range
• Voltage-amperage
• Relationships
• Material Balances
• Battelle electrolytes
• Troubleshooting
• Rules of Thumb
• Types of rectifiers
• Alkaline cleaning
• Rinsing
• Deoxidizing
• Vapor degreasing

• Parts on racks
• Barrel processing
• Tube methods
• Internal Cathodes
• Inductive Polishing
• Vessel Polishing
• Handheld tools for electropolishing

• Machining techniques
• Surface Grinding
• Buffing/Polishing
• Lapping
• Surface evaluation

• Nitric acid rinsing
• Removal of residual salts
• Deionized water rinses
• Drying
• Heat treatment after electropolishing

Electropolishing Alloys
• Effect of occluded impurities
• Electroslag remelt
• Vacuum arc remelt
• Vacuum induction melt
• VIMVAR stainless steels
• Rectifier selection
• Ripple factor
• Rectifier control packages

Quality Control
• System Characterization
• Key Process Variables
• Statistical Process Control
• Oxide layer characteristics
• Ratio of chromium to iron
• ESCA profiles as a measure of product quality
• Auger analysis as a measure of product quality
• Electropolishing and ISO registration
• Electropolishing and FDA validation

Waste Treatment
• Electrolyte Recovery
• Rinse Water Recovery
• Waste Water Minimization
• Chemical waste destruction
• Solid waste disposal

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