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Standard Systems

MCP Standard Systems are complete electropolishing lines which are built from existing drawings. These systems consist of 10 or 12 tank stations, including the Precleaning, Electropolishing, and Post Treatment operations. The Standard series offers the highest possible quality with the convenience and economy of a small, compact process line.

The Standard Systems can be designed for zero discharge of electropolishing solution, when used in conjunction with a thin-film evaporator. The evaporator concentrates the drag-out for re-use or for waste disposal. Packaged wastewater treatment systems designed to neutralize waste and to precipitate heavy metals are also available.

Standard Systems are available in the range of 50 gallons to 500 gallons. An outline of the features of a typical MCP Standard Systems appears below. The MCP Standard Systems can be furnished with fume hoods for each chemical tank to be connected by the customer with an existing ventilation system. MCP also offers a complete line of corrosion resistant PVC hoods, ventilating fans, mist eliminators, fume scrubbers, connective ductwork, and turnkey installation.

Standard Systems are usually furnished as modular components for installation by the customer, following guidelines and layout drawings furnished by MCP. Supervisory assistance for installation and start-up can be furnished by MCP as required. Precleaning, Electropolishing, and Post Treatment modules are also sold separately if the complete system is not necessary for a given application. A budgetary quotation for an MCP Standard System can be obtained by filling out and emailing to us the the questionnaire on the page of this web site entitled “Quotation Request”.

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