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MCP has been supplying electropolishing solutions to a long list of companies worldwide for over 35 years.

The proper selection of chemicals is of utmost importance in order to achieve optimal results during the electropolishing process.

Without a thorough understanding of the entire electropolishing process, unsatisfactory end results are a certainty.

The many variables listed below are extremely important in determining the right chemicals and equipment necessary to achieve the desired results:

*Specific Gravity

*Tank Volume

*Part Material

*Square Footage of Part





*Desired Finish 

Once an application specific chemical has been selected, the following list of metals can be electropolished with optimal results using a properly maintained and operated equipment line:

*Stainless Steel

*Carbon Steel

*Tool Steel

*Nickel and Nickel Alloys



*Cobalt Alloys

*Cobalt Chrome


*Brass (Low Lead)







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